This is frozen version 3, taken from ETCBC on 2011-12-31.

This version has been deposited in the DANS-EASY archive by Eep Talstra in person, during the Lorentz conference Biblical Scholarship and Humanities Computing: Data Types, Text, Language and Interpretation, 2012-02-10 and can be retrieved as an MQL dump from DOI:

The data has been re-archived in Zenodo: DOI:

Not viewable in SHEBANQ.

This data has not been enriched with extra ETCBC data, nor with a phonetic transcription. But statistical features have been added.

Feature documentation

The features of this version are not documented, but the table below maps them to 2016 features. There is no exact one-one correspondence, and even when features are neatly mapped, they may differ in structure and nature of their values.

You have the power of text-fabric at your disposal to explore the differences in greater detail.

version 3 version 2016 example values comments
aramaic_definite_article X Absent >  
clause_atom_number number    
clause_atom_relation code    
clause_atom_relation_daughter_tense X unknown garbage feature
clause_atom_relation_kind X No_relation garbage feature
clause_atom_relation_mother_tense X unknown garbage feature
clause_atom_relation_preposition_class X none garbage feature
clause_atom_type typ    
clause_constituent_relation rela    
clause_type typ    
determination det    
domain domain    
embedding_domain X   related to domain
gender gn    
graphical_aramaic_definite_article X א֒ ה֙ י  
graphical_aramaic_definite_article_plain X א־ ה י  
graphical_locative g_uvf_utf8 ָה֒ ָה׀ but uvf is richer
graphical_locative_plain g_uvf ה ה־ but uvf is richer
graphical_nominal_ending g_nme_utf8    
graphical_nominal_ending_plain g_nme    
graphical_preformative g_pfm_utf8    
graphical_preformative_plain g_pfm    
graphical_pron_suffix g_prs_utf8    
graphical_pron_suffix_plain g_prs    
graphical_root_formation g_vbs_utf8   considerable differences in values
graphical_root_formation_plain g_vbs   considerable differences in values
graphical_verbal_ending g_vbe_utf8    
graphical_verbal_ending_plain g_vbe    
graphical_word g_word    
half_verse label    
indentation tab    
is_apposition X false garbage feature
language language    
levels_of_embedding X 06  
lexical_set ls    
locative uvf   but uvf is richer
mother mother    
noun_type sp   but sp is richer
number number    
number_within_chapter number    
number_within_clause number    
number_within_sentence number    
old_lexeme X    
old_lexeme_utf8 X    
paradigmatic_nominal_ending nme    
paradigmatic_preformative pfm    
paradigmatic_pron_suffix prs    
paradigmatic_root_formation vbs    
paradigmatic_verbal_ending vbe    
parents functional_parent and distributional_parent    
part_of_speech sp    
person ps    
phrase_atom_number number    
phrase_atom_relation rela Appo Link Para Spec  
phrase_atom_type type VP NP PP  
phrase_dependent_part_of_speech pdp    
phrase_function function    
phrase_type type    
pronoun_type sp    
sentence_atom_number number    
state st    
stem vs    
subphrase_kind X daughter mother  
subphrase_type typ    
suffix_gender prs_gn    
suffix_number prs_nu    
suffix_person prs_ps    
tense vt    
text g_word_utf8    
text_plain g_cons_utf8    
text_type txt    
verse_label label    
vocalized_lexeme voc_lex    
vocalized_lexeme_utf8 voc_lex_utf8    
word_number_within_book number