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This is data version 2021, viewable in SHEBANQ.


This is the key to the meaning of the features of the BHSA dataset.

We organize the features in several groups, roughly analogous to the types of objects we have:

Grid features

name description examples
otype node type book verse clause phrase word
oslots slot containment 1 1-11 2010-2015,2020-2030
otext text API no data, only specifications

Sectional features

name description examples
book name of Bible book Genesis Psalmi Amos
chapter number of chapter within book 3
verse number of verse within chapter 4
label passage indicator AMOS 03,04
label key for part within verse A B C

Lexeme features

(on node type lex)

name description examples
lex lexeme consonantal transliterated >MR[
voc_lex lexeme pointed transliterated R;>CIJT
voc_lex_utf8 lexeme pointed hebrew רֵאשִׁית
sp part of speech verb subs
ls lexical set quot ques
nametype type of named entity topo
gloss gloss beginning
language language (English name) Hebrew Aramaic
languageISO language (ISO code) hbo arc

Word features


name node type description mode examples
g_cons word consonantal transliterated >CR
g_cons_utf8 word consonantal hebrew אשׁר
g_word word pointed transliterated >:ACER&
g_word_utf8 word pointed hebrew אֲשֶׁר
qere word (qere) consonantal transliterated HAJ:Y;74>
qere_utf8 word (qere) pointed hebrew הַיְצֵ֣א
trailer after-word pointed transliterated ׃ ׆̇
trailer_utf8 after-word pointed hebrew 00_N
qere_trailer after-word (qere) pointed transliterated 00 &
qere_trailer_utf8 after-word (qere) pointed hebrew ׃ ־

Lexical (on node type word)

name node type description mode examples
lex word consonantal transliterated >MR[
lex_utf8 word consonantal hebrew אמר
g_lex word pointed transliterated >MER
g_lex_utf8 word pointed hebrew אמֶר
name description examples
language language (English name) Hebrew Aramaic
languageISO language (ISO code) hbo arc
sp part of speech verb subs
pdp phrase dependent part of speech verb subs
ls lexical set quot ques


name description examples
gn prs_gn gender m f
nu prs_nu number sg pl du
ps prs_ps person p1 p2 p3
st state a c e
vs verbal stem qal piel nif hif
vt verbal tense perf impf wayq


name (consonantal transliterated) name (pointed transliterated) name (pointed hebrew) description examples
nme g_nme g_nme_utf8 nominal ending / /IJM /@H
pfm g_pfm g_pfm_utf8 preformative !! !J.I! !TI!
prs g_prs g_prs_utf8 pronominal suffix +OW +IJ +HEM
uvf g_uvf g_uvf_utf8 univalent final ~@H ~IJ ~OW
vbe g_vbe g_vbe_utf8 verbal ending [ [W. [T.IJ
vbs g_vbs g_vbs_utf8 root formation ]] ]NI] ]HA]


name description
freq_lex frequency of lexeme
freq_occ frequency of word occurrence
rank_lex rank of lexeme
rank_occ rank of word occurrence

Linguistic features

Sentence(-atom) features

Nothing specific, just a generic number feature.

Clause(-atom) features

name description examples
typ clause type AjCl WayX WXQt ZImX
kind rough clause type VC NC WP
rela clause constituent relation Adju Attr Coor
domain text type ?? Q N D
txt text type NQ NQQ QNQQ NQND
code clause atom relation 200 477 999
is_root ??
tab hierarchical tabulation 0 3 10 29
pargr paragraph number 1 1.2 2.3.4
instruction instruction .q .d .. ve

Phrase(-atom) features

name description examples
typ phrase type VP NP PP AdjP AdvP
rela phrase atom relation Appo Para Resu
function phrase function Pred Subj
det determination det und


name description
mother relation of linguistic dependency
distributional_parent the parent in the distributional hierarchy (-atoms)
functional_parent the parent in the distributional hierarchy (sentence clause phrase)

Generic features

name description examples
number sequence number in context 123
dist distance to mother -10 0 1 8
dist_unit unit of measuring distance to mother clause_atoms phrase_atoms words
mother_object_type object type of mother clause phrase subphrase word