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title: prs

pronominal suffix -consonantal-transliterated

The consonantal representation of the pronominal suffix of a word BHSA transliteration.


The grammatical function of the suffix is not indicated at the word level, but at the level of the phrase. See the function feature.

This feature is present on objects of type word.

For more about features on morphemes, see word grammar.

The pronominal suffix attaches to verbs as a verb-complement.

Pronominal suffixes may carry gender, number and person information. That information is available in the separate features prs_gn prs_nu prs_ps.


See also the values of this feature.


The value absent indicates absence (there is no empty value). The value n/a indicates: non-applicable.


On SHEBANQ is a query to find 2nd person pronominal suffixes in the function of Complement: Oliver Glanz: tutorial: pronominal suffixes (prs)