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distance to mother

The distance between the present object (daughter) and its mother object.

This feature is present on objects of types subphrase, phrase_atom, phrase, clause_atom, clause.

For explanation of what the mother of an object is, see mother. The interpretation of the value of dist is dependent on the type of the mother, which can be read off the value of dist_unit of this object. The rules are a bit involved, but here we go.

The mother is always a word, a phrase or a clause and we measure distances between mothers and daughters in words, phrase_atoms and clause_atoms respectively.

If we measure in words, we take the difference between the max oslot values of the mother and the daughter. If we measure in clause/phrase-atoms, we take the difference of the number values of the mother and the daughter.


Or must we take the number of the clause/phrase-atom that the daughter occurs in?

Why is distance useful? Examples needed.

Incomplete dist information. Inspection has shown that many clause atoms lack values for dist. Workaround: use the difference between between the number features directly.