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A short English translation of a single word, disregarding context.

This feature is present on objects of type lex.

The gloss cannot be used to generate a proper translation. Many words have multiple meanings and a good translation chooses between them. The glosses are not guaranteed to mention all possible meanings, and they do not contain heuristics which meanings should be selected in which contexts.

The gloss is useful for users with limited knowledge of Hebrew to get an impression of what the text they are reading is about.

This feature has been added to the dataset in a later stage as package called lexicon.

You can use it in SHEBANQ queries.


This feature is not available on words, only on nodes of type lex. That makes it difficult to use in MQL queries, because something like this will generally not work

select all objects where
    [lex gloss ~ 'make'

because lexemes may have many occurrences all over the place, so lexemes tend to be not contained in any other object type.


In Text-Fabric we are developing a new way of querying which will not have this problem. Read more in search.