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title: txt

text type

This feature contains property at the level of text.

This feature is present on objects of type clause.

The values of this feature are strings consisting of

code description
? Unknown
N Narrative
D Discursive
Q Quotation
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Text type is a feature of a clause, and not of an object type higher in that hierarchy, because sometimes sentences are built from clauses of distinct text types. So a text type transition does not imply a new (sub-)paragraph. Nor does a new (sub-)paragraph imply a text type transition.

Within one and the same clause, every clause_atom must have the same value for text type. The sequence of characters corresponds with embedding, so a clause having the value QND, for example, stands for a discursive piece within a narrative, enclosed in direct speech.

*Discursive* In a discursive text the author addresses the reader directly to supply him with a piece of background information. It is marked by the use of a yiqtol (not wayyiqtol) in a narrative environment.

*Quotation A Q may, but does not always have to be indicated by a verbum dicendi*: אָמַר or דָּבַר.


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