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title: kind

clause kind

This feature is present on objects of type clause.


In version 4 this feature was called clause_kind.

This feature divides the clauses into three types: verbal, nominal and without predication. It is related to the feature typ on clauses, in the sense that each of the values of kind corresponds to a set of values of typ.

So, this is essentially a feature for convenience: it leads to more concise queries of which the intention is also clearer.

value meaning correspondence with typ values on clauses
VC Verbal clauses InfA InfC Ptcp Way0 WayX WIm0 WImX WQt0 WQtX WxI0 WXIm WxIX WxQ0 WXQt WxQX WxY0 WXYq WxYX WYq0 WYqX xIm0 XImp xImX xQt0 XQtl xQtX xYq0 XYqt xYqX ZIm0 ZImX ZQt0 ZQtX ZYq0 ZYqX
NC Nominal clauses AjCl NmCl
WP Clauses without predication CPen Ellp MSyn Reop Voct XPos