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title: function

phrase function

The phrase function denotes the syntactic function of the phrase.

This feature is present on objects of type phrase.

code description examples
Adju Adjunct
Cmpl Complement
Conj Conjunction
EPPr Enclitic personal pronoun !
ExsS Existence with subject suffix
Exst Existence
Frnt Fronted element
Intj Interjection
IntS Interjection with subject suffix
Loca Locative
Modi Modifier
ModS Modifier with subject suffix
NCop Negative copula
NCoS Negative copula with subject suffix
Nega Negation
Objc Object
PrAd Predicative adjunct
PrcS Predicate complement with subject suffix
PreC Predicate complement
Pred Predicate
PreO Predicate with object suffix
PreS Predicate with subject suffix
PtcO Participle with object suffix
Ques Question
Rela Relative
Subj Subject
Supp Supplementary constituent
Time Time reference
Unkn Unknown
Voct Vocative

I was unable to locate a definition of this feature.

Examples needed, or longer descriptions.

The ! appears where the QUEST documentation has a cross mark. I do not know why these values have been marked.