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title: book

book name

The Latin name of the present bible book.

This feature is present on objects of type book, chapter, and verse.

Below is a list of all books with their number of chapters in the order as encoded in the BHSA dataset.

For book names in other languages: see book@ll

book #chapters
Genesis 50
Exodus 40
Leviticus 27
Numeri 36
Deuteronomium 34
Josua 24
Judices 21
Samuel_I 31
Samuel_II 24
Reges_I 22
Reges_II 25
Jesaia 66
Jeremia 52
Ezechiel 48
Hosea 14
Joel 4
Amos 9
Obadia 1
Jona 4
Micha 7
Nahum 3
Habakuk 3
Zephania 3
Haggai 2
Sacharia 14
Maleachi 3
Psalmi 150
Iob 42
Proverbia 31
Ruth 4
Canticum 8
Ecclesiastes 12
Threni 5
Esther 10
Daniel 12
Esra 10
Nehemia 13
Chronica_I 29
Chronica_II 35

SHEBANQ/MQL Query Example

In the following query we use the node type book and the corresponding feature book ([book book) in order to count all words ([word FOCUS]) that appear in the Pentateuch (IN (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numeri, Deuteronomium)).

select all objects where  
[book book IN (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numeri, Deuteronomium)  
  [word FOCUS]  

See this query (with results) on SHEBANQ. Note that the data version used on SHEBANQ is 4b, while this documentation is for version 2016.