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verbal stem

Stem of the verb that indicates an aspect or constellation of the act expressed by the verb.

This feature is present on objects of type word.

The Hebrew verb has multiple stems, and each of these stems can be marked with tense/mood. For the tenses/moods, see vt. Not all words have verbal stem (e.g. nouns) and these are marked as NA.

Here is the list of possible values. Some values are specific for Aramaic.

Hebrew stems:

code description
hif hif‘il
hit hitpa“el
htpo hitpo“el
hof hof‘al
nif nif‘al
piel pi“el
poal po“al
poel po“el
pual pu“al
qal qal

Aramaic stems:

code description
afel af‘el
etpa etpa“al
etpe etpe‘el
haf haf‘el
hotp hotpa“al
hsht hishtaf‘al
htpa hitpa“al
htpe hitpe‘el
nit nitpa“el
pael pa“el
peal pe‘al
peil pe‘il
shaf shaf‘el
tif tif‘al
pasq passiveqal

The division in Hebrew and Aramaic stems should be checked.

The meanings/functions of these stems should be clarified.

Check my definition of stem above.