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G lex utf8

title: g_lex_utf8

lexeme -pointed-Hebrew

The pointed representation of the lexeme of a word occurrence in Hebrew script.

This feature is present on objects of type word.

The vowels and consonants of the word lexeme are present; a lexeme does not have other diacritical marks.


There is no disambiguation material at the end of the value such as in lex.


Words that are occurrences of the same lexeme might have slightly different values for g_lex_utf8.


It is difficult to enter Hebrew text. One of the handiest ways to get Hebrew text into a query is to copy and paste it from some other Hebrew text, e.g. from the SHEBANQ.

You could try to copy and paste Hebrew text into a word processor, then remove all diacritics, and paste the result into your query as a value for g_lex_utf8.

See also
  • voc_lex_utf8, a related feature defined on object type lex.