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title: oslots

slot set

The set of slots associated with an object.

Every object corresponds to exactly one slot set, i.e. the set of word occurrences that form the textual representation of that object. Every word fills a slot, and every slot has a unique sequence number. Earlier words have lower numbers than later words. An object does not have to be consecutive, it may be interrupted at any place. Different objects may or may not overlap.

The slot set is given as a comma separated list of slot ranges, where a range has the form n-m, where n is a number smaller than or equal to m. The range n-n may be abbreviated to n.


The value of this feature for word objects is always just one number: the number of the slot the word occupies. All word occurrences are numbered from 1 to more than 400,000, in the order as they occur in the Hebrew Bible.


There are no gaps in the slot numbering! The slots go straight from 1 to 400,000+.